Michael Schumacher World Towers

Project Description

30 storey high end residential towers which is one of the first branded residential towers in the name of Michael Schumacher.The project comprises of a intrinsic architecture with a sculpted screen enveloping the 30 storey and continuing into the club house symbolizing the F1 race track. The facade comprises of high end unitized curtain wall and glass railing illuminating the floor by providing LED in the handrail profile.The screen is envisaged as Stainless steel weaved mesh as the design intent was to have a 3 dimensional screen which could be with minimum sightlines and steel substructure. The lobby entrance was envisaged to be a 6m clear laminated glazing and the supporting structure was a combination of steel and glass.


  • Client
  • Homestead
  • Gurgaon,  India
  • Architect
  • UHA Architects
  • London , UK
  • Location
  • Gurgaon,  India

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