Quantity Survey

Quantity Survey

A critical factor in the value equation, quantity surveys play a vital role in developing wall-to-floor area ratios during concept design. As the project evolves, pictorial surveys are conducted to validate the surface plane area, which is a more accurate measure of quantity and cost than perimeter dimensions. During the procurement process the surveys are used to verify scope and accuracy of contractor bids.

Unit Cost Estimates

We are proficient at determining benchmark unit costs for facade elements during each stage of the project. This allows the design team to create a value-based facade incrementally, thus minimizing redesigns and excess engineering. Unit costs are typically broken down by wall types to include design / engineering, material, fabrication, assembly, field labor, rigging, taxes, contractor overhead and profit based on local market dynamics.

Unit Cost Estimate
Prequalify Suppliers

Pre-qualify Suppliers and Contractors

The best design facades can be undermined by inadequate suppliers and subcontractors. We assess past performances by conducting market research, visiting factories, examining built projects and interviewing current and previous clients. In addition, we have significant experience in measuring the production capacity of factories and determining reasonable work loads for engineering and project management staff. These assessments help mitigate the client’s risk when awarding the project to select suppliers and subcontractors.

Request for Proposal Documents

Request for Proposal (RFP) documents are critical elements in the procurement process as an RFP delineates the bid documents, scope, base bid requirements, alternates, VE options, schedules, commercial terms and pricing. Properly developed RFPs reduce the clients exposure to post-award claims and expedites the formation of the contract award. We structure RFPs so they can be utilized as an attachment to the contract for continuity.

Request For Proposal Doc
Scope Technical Review

Scope and Technical Review

Comparing competing proposals is a complex process that requires a detailed understanding of both work scope and technical merits. We utilize a scope matrix to determine items that can have a dramatic impact on costs if overlooked. Once the scope is clarified, a technical matrix is developed to insure that the contractor meets or exceeds the thresholds for performance and complies with the design intents for the facade elements.

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