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Conceptual Facade Design

Embracing the charrette process, we work with architects and other members of the design team to create facade concepts. These concepts are based on the architect’s design hierarchy of performance and aesthetics, and can be illustrated in 3D drawings, hand sketches and renderings. Preliminary structural analysis is conducted to confirm massing and sightlines.

Sustainable Facade Design

Through climate analysis, solar studies and site orientation, we work with the design team to create optimum sustainable facade solutions. LB Enclosures maintains an extensive online technical library of performance data that is utilized in all facade modeling.

UC Berkeley East Asian Library Sustainable Facade
NEATT Facade 1

Constructability Reviews

Due to factors such as material availability, labor costs, climate and duration of construction, each market requires its own unique approach to facade construction. We study these conditions and generate a comparative matrix to determine the highest degree of constructability that suits the project conditions and performance requirements.

Facade LEED Assessment

From design concept and project programming, we provide benchmark LEED assessments of the facade elements. Building facades play a key role in the green and sustainable equation, similar to the mechanical and electrical systems of a project. The assessments are a melding of technologies including thermal studies, climate analysis, performance data, building orientation and design aesthetics. We are accustomed to navigating through the process to create pragmatic LEED facade solutions.

Facade Leed Assessment
RoswellPark Facade 1

Specification Development

Specifications are the principal defining document to guide the construction team in the engineering, production and installation of facades. We utilize international standards as a baseline that are then enhanced to meet the specific requirements of each project. Most of the specification documents are consolidated into one section that encompasses all aspect of the facade. This strategy mitigates disputes during the bid and execution stage of the project. Specifications are typically bilingual, in English and the language of the respective market.

Construction Documents

Each market and client requires a different level of construction documents, sometimes referred to as tender documents. The documents express the architect’s design intent for the facade elements and reduce the latitude that contractors have in adopting variations in the design. We assess these market conditions and develop detailed plans, sections, elevations and details of the typical and predominant atypical facade conditions.

Burberry Facade Night 1
CUSON Mockup Facade 1

Mockup Testing

From the development of the test regimen to the review of tested systems and full performance testing, we are vigilant about testing measures reflecting the actual project conditions. Testing not only demonstrates the facade performance, but allows the project team to anticipate constructability challenges. There are many anomalies that occur during laboratory testing that would otherwise go undetected until a weathering or structural failure on a constructed facade. Our team of professionals carefully monitors testing at a neutral, third-party-certified testing facility and reviews the published results for the project record.

Submittal Document Review

Our team is adept at reviewing product data, product test data, submittal drawings and structural calculations for facade elements. The approved submittal drawings mark the defining transition from design to construction, so detailed review and assessment is vital for a successful project. We carefully audit the submittal drawings to insure they comply with the tender drawings and specifications. We additionally review the products and materials to confirm that the client is receiving the value-based solutions stipulated in the contract.

Cuson Facade 2
Field Inspections

Field Inspections

During the course of construction we execute field inspections to confirm compliance with the approved submittal documents. These inspections apply to the production of raw materials, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and logistics and rigging and installation of the facade elements. The diverse experience within our firm allows us to draw from specialized disciplines to conduct rigorous inspections across a full spectrum of facade components and systems. Field tests are conducted to confirm conformance with the specified performance standards.

Forensic Investigation

Evaluating facade failures is a specialty that comes from years of hands-on experience. Our team of professionals assesses the root facade engineering, building dynamics, climate and environmental conditions to determine the cause of the facade failures. Once the failures have been defined, remediation strategies are developed to mitigate life safety issues and restore the facade to acceptable standards.

Forensic Investigation

Other Areas of Expertise