About Us

Our Focus

LB Enclosures exists to drive global innovation in the facade and curtain wall space.  Since 1985, our consultancy has been focused on combining creativity and pragmatism to bring new, compelling ideas to fruition through a complete, comprehensive solution for architectural development needs. Our services include design, engineering, material applications, procurement, quality control and construction of facade elements.

We believe in the possibility that architectural pursuits present: We work to procure unique materials that enhance progressive facade design elements, and use creative problem-solving techniques to achieve your vision while remaining conscious of cost-saving opportunities.

Our offices are located throughout the United States.


We lead by example through devoted work ethic, high ethical standards and unrelenting  innovation. Our management team brings a diverse background of experience related to facade design, architecture and engineering. We believe in creating an environment that fosters collaboration, leaving space for an open dialogue where staff can exchange ideas and concepts that ultimately enhance our performance and the results we are able to produce.

Our mantra is simple: Demonstrate value to our clients. This ideal drives both our management style, as well as the actions we take each day, large and small.