Historical Preservation

Forensic Review

Forensic Review

Historic facades require particularly delicate forensic investigation skills to avoid further degradation. Our team of experts conduct visual surveys or use non-intrusive or minimally intrusive probing measures to acquire test specimens. We develop assessments that provide a technical narrative and details that can be understood by the broad range of stakeholders. The assessments typically involve a remediation plan including stabilizing the existing facade, means and methods for preservation, and strategies for mitigating future degradation.

Original Construction Methods

We recognize the significance of the original facades construction methods and strive to utilize the same methods for reconstruction and preservation. Our team of researchers studies the composition of historic facades to determine the smallest ingredient or component that codifies the entire facade. Through cultural outreach in areas adjacent to the site, we work with local craftspeople to not only deploy their talents on projects, but to facilitate a positive economic impact.

Original Construction Methods
Structural Testing And Stabilization

Structural Testing and Stabilization

Our team of engineers models the existing facade structure using data from the material testing and load path analysis. This information assists the project team with the formulation of stabilization methods allowing the remediation of existing facade elements. Shoring systems, including hydraulics or passive approaches, ensure that work can be conducted with minimal risk to the baseline facade elements.

Facade Restoration Programming

Once the results of the forensics are reviewed and structural testing and stabilization reports are complete, the restoration programming can take place. Our team of experts will determine the sequence of facade shoring, deconstruction, inventory control, replacement material acquisition and reconstruction. The programming will take into account access to the site and ongoing use of the structure as required.

Field Inspections
Submittal Document Review

Formation of Facade Preservation Documents

Our preservation experts and structural engineers develop detailed preservation documents in English and the local language. These documents are augmented by field reports, material surveys and as-built conditions. Once the project is complete the preservation documents provide a roadmap for future remediations.

Other Areas of Expertise