Apartment 18

Project Description

10 story luxury residential building in Erenkoy, Istanbul. Apartment 18 pays homage to Erenkoy’s destroyed vineyards due to densification of the city with concrete apartment blocks after 1970’s.

The continuous surface treatment moves upward to become the intertwining building facade, finishing at the roof garden where the residents can enjoy tranquility away from the noise of the street. This facade treatment offers privacy with maximum light and views within each residence.


LB Enclosures provided material applications, design development, construction documents, procurement and construction administration of all facade elements including glass curtain wall, metal cladding, glass handrails.

  • Client
  • Aytac Construction
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Architect
  • Aytac Arhitecture
  • Istanbul, Turkey
  • Location
  • Istanbul, Turkey

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