Napa Residence

Project Description

Set among towering trees the architect sought to bring the maximum natural daylight into the living areas while melding the home with the surroundings. Large oversized custom narrow sightline steel window walls and integrated operable windows were utilized along with custom glass and cast steel doors. The custom doors are a combination of pivot and sliding to allow the opposing 7500 mm (24’0”) opening to be completely open to the adjacent outdoor decks. The sills of the doors are flush with the interior and exterior integrating indoor and outdoor living areas.


Material applications, facade design | engineering of custom window wall, doors, zinc cladding and ventilated cedar rain screen cladding. Construction administration including the production of fabrication drawings, production and installation of the facade elements.

  • Client
  • Name
  • Architect
  • Luce Et Studio
  • San Diego, California, USA
  • Location
  • San Diego, California, USA

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