Uniq Hotel Tower

Project Description

The hotel tower will be the signature structure of the well-established Avanti Resort in Orlando.  The focus of the tower is to serve the adult travelers with spacious accommodations, lively entertainment, fitness facilities and roof top terrace and pool.  The lower floors will feature food and beverage outlets with entertainment fronting the International Drive pedestrian corridor.  The tower facade is comprised of floor to ceiling window wall with high performance insulated glass, formed aluminum cladding, articulated metal scrim with integrated LED lighting.  The ground floor feature large glass pivot doors with metal fabric embedded with in the class, marble cladding and high span glass curtain wall.


Facade design including a three day facade charrette, photo realistic renderings, design development drawings and specifications and construction documents including drawings, specifications, material samples and mockups.

  • Client
  • Avanti Resorts
  • Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Architect
  • Baker Barrio Architects
  • Orlando, Florida, USA
  • Location
  • Orlando, Florida, USA

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