306 Walnut

Project Description

The building is comprised of four levels including parking, courtyard and two levels of professional offices.  The building was constructed in the early 1970’s and the facade featured solar bronze glass, bronze anodized aluminum framing, plywood spandrel areas in the courtyard and picket steel handrails along the corridors.  LB Enclosures in concert with the design architect developed a detailed facade featuring new high performance glass, re-cladding of mullions, projected feature elements, cantilevered glass handrails and rain screen clear anodized cladding.  The retrofit was designed to allow for the work to be complete while the building was occupied with minimal disruption.  The building now has a more timeless appeal that will last for many decades to come.


Facade design, photo realistic renderings, engineering, material applications, construction documents including drawings and specifications.  Review of all submittals and field inspections of all executed work.

  • Client
  • 306 Walnut Professional Partners
  • San Diego,  California
  • Architect
  • Luce et Studio
  • San Diego, California
  • Location
  • San Diego, California, USA

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